Ned Judge
Producer / Director / Writer

    I love a good story. Directing and producing stories for television and the internet gives me the opportunity to engage with fascinating people and their narratives.  More often than not, ordinary people have the best stories to tell although I was fortunate to spend time with larger-than-life characters like Hunter Thompson, Ken Kesey and Ed Abbey. Now that I think about it, it was Abbey who told me, “there are no ordinary people, I don’t think I’ve ever met an ordinary person”.

The most important writing in the documentary and reality genre is the shooting schedule.  It is the real script. The hardest work occurs before the tape rolls.  Days of research, extensive pre-interviews and creative imagination will be applied to the creation of this one document.

The best documentaries and reality segments are made up of riveting moments, tightly edited, and linked together with just a few words.  Again, it is why the shoot schedule is so vitally important.  We approach it as if planning a very expensive fishing trip.  The goal is to maximize the time the camera will be angling in the most promising waters.  This can prove to be much more difficult than it sounds. It can be a budget killer. And it is often a struggle to get people on board with the idea of moments  Unscripted shooting may seem threatening and unsettling to some participants.

With patience and understanding and cajoling and sweet-talk, the camera and crew will be rolling on real stories and they will get it, those jewels, those moments.  When linked together, with a minimum of narration, the story will have been realized and the film will engage  and inform the audience. 

Ned Judge
      A director, writer, and producer with years of experience. Ned can help guide the planning and completion of your next project.